Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cat Scratch Fever...

Itz the Baja. I half to tipe this myself becuz Bunny cant bee in the same room with me--he saiz I smell very bad. I also spell very bad.

I hav returnd frum trying to find Conektikut. I got off som bus in Jerzee, I think, to find myself surounded by cats. They apparentlee dont like me very much. Bunny said it waz the ded rodent. I think they wer just very meen! And maybee hungree.

Anyway, I hav many band aidz on now, and I look like a big ball of tape.
When I recovur frum beeing very hurt, I will fed ex myself to Ertha Kit. I kno if she met me she culd not reesist my tiny beedy eyes. They are mezmerizing, dont you think? Look at them, just wonse! You will be mezmerized!

Hav a nice day of labor, and dont eet too much meet. I will be puting on green cloverz and carving tinee harts into pumkinz, or watever you do on this holladay. I get them cunfuzed.

Master of the Marimba

Hello! I'm back, for one day, anyway! I have been in Savannah, GA, handling the aftermath of saga involving embezzlement, old money, a fugitive, a possible gay/straight love triangle, and other strange events, that would make a great sequel to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil! A few more days of this, I'm told, and I should be back in town for good...or is it for evil...?

Tomorrow, I will be graced by a visit from an old friend. This young man attended grade school and high school with me, and was a fellow band geek. He, unlike myself, grew up to be a master of his instrument, and is now a touring musician, with his own group, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra, formerly the Dead Musicians' Society. I was able to see him perform at UCF on Monday, and was thoroughly impressed with his compositions and his mad technique!! His music is kind of a new-age jazz, or classically influenced rock, maybe...? It's really good stuff. He calls it "Rock with a Marimba," and it's uniqueness may be considered akin to Mohave's "Dulcimer Rock."

It would be great to set up a gig together someday!!

Check him out at

And by the way -- come see us play in the middle of the afternoon, and for free, at Leu Gardens in Orlando/Winter Park, at 3:00pm Sunday Sept 11th. It's a great way for you Soccer Parents, underage folks, and early risers to see us -- and it's free!