Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jazz fingers!

What a fantastic group of evenings! Thursday after practice I went to Slingapours and saw some great locals I hadn't seen before, called Big Meat. Great musicians, great bunch of guys. Had kind of a unique sound for the jam band scene, with a little ska influence. So check them out! Then Geoff from The S.E.A.D sat in with The Burnin' Smyrnans. That sounded great! I divided my time between that and Ron Betts of Funkus, who was playing half a block down the street.
Then, not one, but two nights of The Code Talkers, featuring Jimmy Herring, who if you are not familiar with the name, spent a lot of time with The Allman Brothers, and the Dead. Between him and Bobby Lee Rodgers, fingers were moving so fast I thought someone was bound to combust.
On a sad note, Bluegrass has lost a legend. Vassar Clemens died this week. It was sad seeing that the head of Bobby's funky Deering, which used to have Vassar's autograph on it, had been changed out. We were there the day Vassar signed it. I'm sure he hung it somewhere. The last time I saw Vassar, he was jamming with them and Jimmy -- ironic.

Another sad note -- D flat.

No really, Snake Oil Medicine Show, one of our favorites for originality, has ousted our favorite member, Caroline Pond, and is changing their format a bit. But the good news is she will be joining Bobby Lee Rodgers for a project coming up. She is so fun, with mad fiddle skills and a voice and demeanor straight out of a burlesque club in the 1920's. She and Bobby ought to be great!

CX1 is coming to Skippers next weekend -- This is a group made up of the Pond brothers from Snake Oil, Jay Sanders from Acoustic Syndicate, and Billy Seawell. We may go! (But we'll still miss Caroline.)

So a week full of music gives way to a week full of work in Miami. Hard to change gears to accounting, financial statements, new contracts, lines at the cash registers... I just keep hoping someday I won't have to. =) But for now, God Bless It!


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