Sunday, August 14, 2005

I "heart" Snackdaddy!

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Every time we get to play with our comrades in Central Florida's Sexiest Band, Snackdaddy, I get like a 7-year-old kid from, like, Dayton, on his way to Disney for the first time. There's something about playing on the same bill with those guys that makes the evening an extra special event. Part of it is because each one of them is an extraordinary human being, with extraordinary skills, talent, and creativity, and wonderful, inspiring personalities. And part of it is because I absolutely love their sound! I could dance all night and into the morning and maybe to next week to that stuff. It's hot music, it's sexy music, and it's even better when played in silky pajamas!
In the dressing rooms with Snackdaddy, we saw them emerge wearing shiny silk pajamas, each member in a set that matched his personality -- Dwight went for the Heff look, Gary for a dark, mysterious Asian-styled black, Howard in more of a GQ look, and Ed in a dragon-embroidered black and red ensemble. They looked so amazing on stage, as they always do (they're a great looking group). And then a scantily clad runway model came parading onto the stage in a wicked angel costume, but was eventually kicked off, as someone who seems to have never watched the television shows their kids are watching deemed it inappropriate for an all-ages show, even though most "ages" were somewhere between 24 and 55...

Then, a surprise I will never forget -- they played a cover of my personal favorite Mohave tune, "Black Indian," and they did it with their own unique Snackdaddy twist.
That was the coolest thing ever, what a great thing to do! And they rock --- hard--at the Hard Rock!


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