Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Bee-line for a Feline

Our tiny stuffed rabbit, G.D. Baja, has just left the building. After watching CBS Sunday Morning and finding out that Eartha Kitt is still going strong and on the prowl, and single, he has decided to make his way to her home in Connecticut to "woo" her and to take her for his own. Unsure how to find Connecticut, he has taken a map of clues, which, regrettably, were cut from the back of a box of Lucky Charms. Not certain what gifts would be suitable for a woman of her feline stature, he left with a locket full of catnip and a dead mouse slung over his shoulder. Somehow, Baja always gets his girl.


Blogger Jerri "Jae" Gibbs said...

I looked at the flight attendant... studied her.. trying to figure out WHO she reminded me of. She looked at me... "WHAT?" .. she said. I responded, "You remind me of someone." "BAH" she said... and turned away. She walked by later and said, emphatically, "I remind you of BEVERLY!" "And you are Beverly, right," I asked. After that, total rudeness. Even after I figured it out .. a younger Eartha Kitt, she was. Awesome and gorgeous. I hope Eartha Kitt has a nicer energy. That is all. (Oh.. don't fly American Airlines.)

8:17 PM  

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