Sunday, July 10, 2005

Vegas, Baby! By G.D. Baja

Howdy, everyone! Bunny is typing this because I really can't spell very well, so thanks to him for being my dictator.
We weren't supposed to have the password to get into this blog thing, but we stole it because we had to show you a couple of our Vegas pictures. This is what we did for the weekend! We saw some naked Cirque show, we put a whole lot of quarters into little quarter wholes and watched a whole lot more quarters come out, we bathed in fountains and saw some Fig Newton guy. I met a showgirl. She's very nice, but her face gets kind of rough at night. Bunny says it's a five-o-clock shadow. I don't know what that means...
Bunny got a job in a showgirl's dressing rooms. He's going to be "feather guy", whatever that is. He's a temp but he's hoping to go perm.
I drank many things -- I drank a fuzzy navel out of a fuzzy navel. I overtook some pirate ship and I think I might have sank it -- twice...oops.
I played Texas Hold 'em and won this hat, which use to belong to Toby Keith's Chihuahua, Patsy. It was signed by her and everything, and Bunny had to disinfect it because it smelled very bad. It also itches.
Bunny got the jacket from some guy named Heffner whom he met at a party. He doesn't remember how he got it, but it sure smells like smoke.
Anyway, we'll let you know if we decide to come back to Orlando. Right now, we are very much too busy. Do you know how much food there is here? I have never seen so many wonderful dishes, all laying out under a nice heat lamp, for any small rabbit to jump into. It's very convenient, and I like it a lot.
We have been playing games to win some money, and so far we have enough to buy Bolivia. I have always wanted a Bolivia, so that's cool.
We must go. We are late for Bunny's date with some chic named Paris, and my showgirl, Erin, will be joining us, too. I'll try to get someone to take our picture there...Bye, bye!


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