Saturday, July 30, 2005

New things...


So glad to hear that Randy and Ann are back and safe. There are very few people I have ever been so happy to see find each other as these two. They are proof that great love has a way of recognizing itself -- accross miles, accross time, and at unbelieveable odds. It's some powerful stuff, that's for sure, and these two are a beautiful expression of it, and fine examples of humanity at its best.

I can't wait to get back in action -- hope I haven't lost my chops over this break...Everyone's getting back just in time for me to take off...oops...
Work will be carrying me away in the next few weeks -- have to spend a lot of time in Atlanta, opening a store at the new campus of the Savannah School of Art and Design. These are the parts of my day job that I really look forward to -- I get to spend 2-3 weeks playing with art supplies, books about art, and comic books. Art is one of my other loves - Sorry music, I've been unfaithful. I will probably come back with a suitcase full of whatever products are new in the industry, and smelling like turpentine.

Listen, there are some new things you must check out:

1.) -- This is a website dedicated to cartoon bunnies enacting classic films in 30 seconds. It's hillarious -- you must check it out. Plus, uh, bunnies!

2.) The North Mississippi Allstars ( Luther Dickinson -- he's the world's next guitar legend. And he's like, 26 at the most. (Boy, does that piss me off!) He and his brother, Cody (who plays more instruments than I have fingers and toes) are the most unstoppable musical team ever, (next to Mohave, of course)! I know this because, first, I've been watching them develop for years into what they are, and also because I came back from last night's John Hiatt concert completely blown away at Luther's power and versatility, and extremely energized by his natural ability to channel every ounce of energy around him into his fingers and into that guitar.
Few things are more of a turn on than being there in that zone when absolutley everything you've got is poured into your performance. It's an incredible feeling to be in that moment yourself (like the best sex you ever had), but the next best thing is to be watching when someone else is in that moment, especially when the whole crowd is with him. Luther is always in that moment, whenever he's on stage. That's what makes him a legend. Guys, you can keep your strip clubs -- I'll be over here watching Luther Dickinson play guitar.
And now, after that show, I'm taking a cold shower, getting out my guitar and slide, and learning a new skill...
I will also be making a note not to write blogs at 4:30 am.

Ta- ta!


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