Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Holy Great Reviews, Batman!

What a cool thing to have our first "official" review be such a positive one. Thank you, sincerely, to Ben Gardener, for making our day!

So, about the new podcast news, when someone said, "They can hear you in Germany," I thought it was their way of saying that we are too loud, but I guess it means we've gone international. Neat! Guten Tag, Starfrosch!

Bing's been working tirelessly at all of this, and we all appreciate what he's doing very much! Go Bing - Go!

And David, the Master of Mastering -- thanks for a great product!

I have been re-listening to another record made at Richter, Gabriella's self-titled new album, on which I played a couple of songs, and I am absolutely enamored with the quality of the arrangements and sound production. David really has outdone himself, again, adding to a long line of great records recorded there, including Teri Binion, Eugene King, and Bing and Randy's own,Naked Head. And this record just sounds amazing. The balance and warmth of the arrangements is top notch.
Check out Gabriella when she plays out in Orlando -- look for her in your local listings. Her voice is fantastic, and buy the CD, because it's great!

I'll post her link later -- I have to go hack up a lung....(ew!...sorry)
Good thing we're not playing this week, unless you really like Tom Waits, because that's who I sound like with this Bronchitis...kinda look like him, too...



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Gute Tag Bunky Music :)

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