Saturday, July 30, 2005

New things...


So glad to hear that Randy and Ann are back and safe. There are very few people I have ever been so happy to see find each other as these two. They are proof that great love has a way of recognizing itself -- accross miles, accross time, and at unbelieveable odds. It's some powerful stuff, that's for sure, and these two are a beautiful expression of it, and fine examples of humanity at its best.

I can't wait to get back in action -- hope I haven't lost my chops over this break...Everyone's getting back just in time for me to take off...oops...
Work will be carrying me away in the next few weeks -- have to spend a lot of time in Atlanta, opening a store at the new campus of the Savannah School of Art and Design. These are the parts of my day job that I really look forward to -- I get to spend 2-3 weeks playing with art supplies, books about art, and comic books. Art is one of my other loves - Sorry music, I've been unfaithful. I will probably come back with a suitcase full of whatever products are new in the industry, and smelling like turpentine.

Listen, there are some new things you must check out:

1.) -- This is a website dedicated to cartoon bunnies enacting classic films in 30 seconds. It's hillarious -- you must check it out. Plus, uh, bunnies!

2.) The North Mississippi Allstars ( Luther Dickinson -- he's the world's next guitar legend. And he's like, 26 at the most. (Boy, does that piss me off!) He and his brother, Cody (who plays more instruments than I have fingers and toes) are the most unstoppable musical team ever, (next to Mohave, of course)! I know this because, first, I've been watching them develop for years into what they are, and also because I came back from last night's John Hiatt concert completely blown away at Luther's power and versatility, and extremely energized by his natural ability to channel every ounce of energy around him into his fingers and into that guitar.
Few things are more of a turn on than being there in that zone when absolutley everything you've got is poured into your performance. It's an incredible feeling to be in that moment yourself (like the best sex you ever had), but the next best thing is to be watching when someone else is in that moment, especially when the whole crowd is with him. Luther is always in that moment, whenever he's on stage. That's what makes him a legend. Guys, you can keep your strip clubs -- I'll be over here watching Luther Dickinson play guitar.
And now, after that show, I'm taking a cold shower, getting out my guitar and slide, and learning a new skill...
I will also be making a note not to write blogs at 4:30 am.

Ta- ta!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Holy Great Reviews, Batman!

What a cool thing to have our first "official" review be such a positive one. Thank you, sincerely, to Ben Gardener, for making our day!

So, about the new podcast news, when someone said, "They can hear you in Germany," I thought it was their way of saying that we are too loud, but I guess it means we've gone international. Neat! Guten Tag, Starfrosch!

Bing's been working tirelessly at all of this, and we all appreciate what he's doing very much! Go Bing - Go!

And David, the Master of Mastering -- thanks for a great product!

I have been re-listening to another record made at Richter, Gabriella's self-titled new album, on which I played a couple of songs, and I am absolutely enamored with the quality of the arrangements and sound production. David really has outdone himself, again, adding to a long line of great records recorded there, including Teri Binion, Eugene King, and Bing and Randy's own,Naked Head. And this record just sounds amazing. The balance and warmth of the arrangements is top notch.
Check out Gabriella when she plays out in Orlando -- look for her in your local listings. Her voice is fantastic, and buy the CD, because it's great!

I'll post her link later -- I have to go hack up a lung....(ew!...sorry)
Good thing we're not playing this week, unless you really like Tom Waits, because that's who I sound like with this Bronchitis...kinda look like him, too...


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Here's Bunny and Baja in Vegas, and some little girl they picked up there...

Vegas, Baby! By G.D. Baja

Howdy, everyone! Bunny is typing this because I really can't spell very well, so thanks to him for being my dictator.
We weren't supposed to have the password to get into this blog thing, but we stole it because we had to show you a couple of our Vegas pictures. This is what we did for the weekend! We saw some naked Cirque show, we put a whole lot of quarters into little quarter wholes and watched a whole lot more quarters come out, we bathed in fountains and saw some Fig Newton guy. I met a showgirl. She's very nice, but her face gets kind of rough at night. Bunny says it's a five-o-clock shadow. I don't know what that means...
Bunny got a job in a showgirl's dressing rooms. He's going to be "feather guy", whatever that is. He's a temp but he's hoping to go perm.
I drank many things -- I drank a fuzzy navel out of a fuzzy navel. I overtook some pirate ship and I think I might have sank it -- twice...oops.
I played Texas Hold 'em and won this hat, which use to belong to Toby Keith's Chihuahua, Patsy. It was signed by her and everything, and Bunny had to disinfect it because it smelled very bad. It also itches.
Bunny got the jacket from some guy named Heffner whom he met at a party. He doesn't remember how he got it, but it sure smells like smoke.
Anyway, we'll let you know if we decide to come back to Orlando. Right now, we are very much too busy. Do you know how much food there is here? I have never seen so many wonderful dishes, all laying out under a nice heat lamp, for any small rabbit to jump into. It's very convenient, and I like it a lot.
We have been playing games to win some money, and so far we have enough to buy Bolivia. I have always wanted a Bolivia, so that's cool.
We must go. We are late for Bunny's date with some chic named Paris, and my showgirl, Erin, will be joining us, too. I'll try to get someone to take our picture there...Bye, bye!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hurricane Preparedness: by Bunny

Hi! It's Bunny.
I have had a request to do a small segment on Hurricane Preparedness. So here goes!
Mix two parts fruit punch with one part dark Carribean Rum, then...what? Well,...oh. You mean how to I prepare for the storm?

O.K., let's try this again:

Hurricane Preparedness: by Bunny

Pay someone to pack your things. Get a condo in Malibu.

The end.

Bunky the Hut

After seeing all the new photos (Thank you, all joking aside, for always being there and taking great pictures,Tina!) Bunny's arranged for an appointment for me to finally have my extra chins removed. He says he wants to give them to Anthony Edwards and Steve Buscemi. Thanks, Bunny. This chin thing is getting ridiculous. So I may be out for a few days....

People actually read this?

You know, all this time I never thought people actually read this stuff, but I guess you do. You are now, aren't you?

Well, since you're here, I am going to take a moment to plug two things:
1.) Bing's podcasts
2.) The incredible work that has been done promoting this band, and other aspects of JOB Entertainment

Bing gave me a copy of his A.F.I. (All Florida Indies) podcast. You can hear it on It's him hosting a podcast, which is like a radio show for the internet, featuring musicians from Florida. I have always imagined Bing growing into a cultural icon, like Garrison Keiler: The Next Generation. He's like a peaceful warrior for independent arts and entertainment, and a pioneer of new technologies to secure indie victory. And he sounds absolutley amazing on the "radio." Bing, you have my reverence, my applause, and my appreciation. And the rest of you, soak him up while you can, 'cause he's going places -- places most of us don't have the guts or foresight to go.

There's so much work to be done in any day. Living in this country at the pace at which we all live just to maintain the trappings of American Existence is enough to drown the spirit of even the most driven. All of us in this group have day jobs that take a whole lot out of us. We all like our jobs, and we're all basically happy, but with the weight we all carry it takes all the chi we can muster to make it out of bed, if we're lucky enough to get there in the first place.
So with the incredibly busy life that Bing and Jae live, it is some kind of miracle to me that they are able to have so many plates full of promotional crudite spinning all at once, without so much as a single finger sandwich ever hitting the floor. And I suppose that such a thing has happened, but it probably gets gracefully scooped up before anyone sees it (maybe by their dog, Champ...?) =)

So cheers, cheers, to the Pioneers
And thank you for your bounty
Who'd guess there'd be a revolution
Right here in Orange County?

That was cheezy, but, seriously -- thanks, from the gut! I'd have a moldy old trumpet in a case in a corner somewhere if it wasn't for you, and I'm truly grateful.

That's all for this one. Baja keeps bugging me to let him do his piece on Hurricane Preparedness, and Bunny wants to do one, too. But I won't tell them my password. If they firgure it out, I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I swear.

Bunky, pleading the Firth of Fifth