Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cool Stuff- Revisited

This week, I have had a need to revitalize old lessons, and remember there's more to life than my 70 hr. work week.
So I thought I'd share some of them with you, in the form of cool stuff to read, see and hear.
1.) Richard Bach has written some really cool books - fables for our time, I guess you'd say. I recommend "Illusions" and "Bridge Across Forever" as timeless reads with lessons for any age. Don't mistake "Illusions" for a religious book. It's not. It's a metaphor.

2.) I've always been really into ghosts, spirits, lucid dreams, astral projection, quantum and particle physics, and life on the "Flipside", and have lately been reminded about a couple of cool resources.
3 great films: "What Dreams May Come." Kind of sad at points, but probably the best film ever made on the subject.
"Donnie Darko" for a dark, twisted science fiction take on time and astral travel. (Not for truth-seeking, but for entertainment.A cult classic.)
And a must-see "Waking Life." This is an Academy-Award winning animated feature. Get the DVD, and watch it in episodes. It's a really beautiful film, but it will fill your head fast.

3.) I used to scoff at Sylvia Browne, thinking she was one of those hyped-up psychics, until my father, who is one of the staunchest skeptics I have met, told me he liked her. My mom gave me one of her books, and I'll be damned, but they are right. Ms. Browne knows her stuff. So, go ahead, check it out, take what you will from it. (I personally just pick off the religious comments and slide them off to the side like tha sausage on my pizza- and just eat the good stuff.)

4.) The classic book, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior," by Dan Millman.
Read it, pass it on to your kids.

More to come.


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