Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Bamboo Room is the Bomb!

Man, I tell you what - there's no where in the world to play like the Bamboo Room. I'm pretty sure that when good musicians die, they go there. Or at least I hope I do. (I guess that means I ought to work on getting good...)Yeah, it's pretty much like heaven for musicians.

It doesn't matter if you're there to play or to drink and watch someone else play -- you're always a celebrity there. Everyone is treated with the finest in hospitality and graciousness. The drink menu is inpiring in its creativity, and the acts are generally excellent, always interesting, and, uncomprimisingly, unique.

So if you're a musician and you get a call from Russel, take the gig! It will be one of the most fun nights you have ever had!

And if you are in south Florida looking for something fun to do for an evening, for the love of God -- go to the Bamboo Room!!!!! It's on South J Street in Lake Worth.

Tell them Mohave sent you.


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