Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cool Stuff- Revisited

This week, I have had a need to revitalize old lessons, and remember there's more to life than my 70 hr. work week.
So I thought I'd share some of them with you, in the form of cool stuff to read, see and hear.
1.) Richard Bach has written some really cool books - fables for our time, I guess you'd say. I recommend "Illusions" and "Bridge Across Forever" as timeless reads with lessons for any age. Don't mistake "Illusions" for a religious book. It's not. It's a metaphor.

2.) I've always been really into ghosts, spirits, lucid dreams, astral projection, quantum and particle physics, and life on the "Flipside", and have lately been reminded about a couple of cool resources.
3 great films: "What Dreams May Come." Kind of sad at points, but probably the best film ever made on the subject.
"Donnie Darko" for a dark, twisted science fiction take on time and astral travel. (Not for truth-seeking, but for entertainment.A cult classic.)
And a must-see "Waking Life." This is an Academy-Award winning animated feature. Get the DVD, and watch it in episodes. It's a really beautiful film, but it will fill your head fast.

3.) I used to scoff at Sylvia Browne, thinking she was one of those hyped-up psychics, until my father, who is one of the staunchest skeptics I have met, told me he liked her. My mom gave me one of her books, and I'll be damned, but they are right. Ms. Browne knows her stuff. So, go ahead, check it out, take what you will from it. (I personally just pick off the religious comments and slide them off to the side like tha sausage on my pizza- and just eat the good stuff.)

4.) The classic book, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior," by Dan Millman.
Read it, pass it on to your kids.

More to come.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Shout out to my home town

I was kind of worried about my long blogs, until I read one by The Dresden Dolls today. (That's a band you ought to check out -- it's part of the new burlesque movement, and they are creative and wonderful.! Their blogs are long, though...

So I heard from someone I hadn't heard from in over 15 years - someone from my hometown in Lockport, IL. I haven't spoken to nearly anyone who was a part of my life then since, well, then.
And it hit me about how important it is to keep up with your friends. I felt a weird and powerful kind of grief for all the years I have missed. I can't seem to shake it.

So my message for the journal today is - if there's someone you once cared deeply about, or someone who once made a difference in your life, find them, talk to them, and thank them, before it's too late. . .

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Bamboo Room is the Bomb!

Man, I tell you what - there's no where in the world to play like the Bamboo Room. I'm pretty sure that when good musicians die, they go there. Or at least I hope I do. (I guess that means I ought to work on getting good...)Yeah, it's pretty much like heaven for musicians.

It doesn't matter if you're there to play or to drink and watch someone else play -- you're always a celebrity there. Everyone is treated with the finest in hospitality and graciousness. The drink menu is inpiring in its creativity, and the acts are generally excellent, always interesting, and, uncomprimisingly, unique.

So if you're a musician and you get a call from Russel, take the gig! It will be one of the most fun nights you have ever had!

And if you are in south Florida looking for something fun to do for an evening, for the love of God -- go to the Bamboo Room!!!!! It's on South J Street in Lake Worth.

Tell them Mohave sent you.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Hey, 'yall!
There are a couple of things that folks that don't know me very well keep asking me. One is, "How did you get the name 'Bunky'?" And the other is "What's up with this 'Bunny and Baja' thing?"

So here's the story:

Bunky was my name long before anyone called me Carolyn. My grandmother told me that my dad was standing outside the nursery just after I was born, peering in, and said,"That's my Bunky." Someone said,"Are you really going to name her that?" He said,"Carol (his wife, my mother) will never let me do that." He was right, and they named me after her instead. But no one ever called me Carolyn until I was a teen, and my family and close friends still call me Bunky. So when I joined Mohave and everyone had a nickname, I gave them mine. I think it fits me better, and was given to me out of love, so I'm keeping it.

Bunny and Baja:

They are two plush rabbits- the kind you find at Walgreens in pre-packed Easter Baskets. Jeff was looking tired and sad one day after a hard work day and I made one of them talk to him. He laughed really hard, and I felt like I had something there. That was Bunny. Dust E. Bunny, to be exact.
His character quickly developed into a Little-Lord Fonterleroi-meets Queer-Eye and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert -- a permanently three-year old snooty kid who enjoys shopping, cross dressing and window dressing, and drinking Mai Tais on the beach, is mad about Starbucks and Donna Karan, and thinks Jeff is his father. He is the perfect Odd Couple to pair as best friend to Baja, who came later.
Baja was in an Easter Basket I got Jeff. He really got his name from the Baja Beach Club, where we would go to blow off steam. But his story is that among his people, babies get their names from whatever their mothers spouts out at the moment they are born. HIs father's name was Baja, and he was the eleventh and last of the litter. His Mom thought she was done, but the doc said "one more." "God Dammit, Baja!", she holered. So he is now known as G.D. Baja, or just "Baja"since he thinks "God" is a bit pretentious.
His character developed into a 73-year old former scientist and CIA agent who is on the run contsantly from the Feds after that "I think I lost your Aircraft Carrier...Sorry..." incident.
He hides out, hanging with us, and turning all of our appliances into "exciting pyrotechnic devices." (So in other words, if you're over here, don't touch the VCR. In fact, if it has any buttons or knobs, or can be operated with a remote, it is best to stay at least 15 ft. away...)
He talks a lot. A whole lot. And his English is broken and difficult to understand. His main language is Carrotfootian, but he speaks countless others. You can sometimes hear him on our answering machine, so don't be alarmed.

Did you really read all of this? Good Lord! I'm so sorry!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Blog, it's blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood...

I sat on a blog today, out in the park, I think.

Hey, I have been looking at the pictures on our site, and I have decided that I am going to auction off one of my three chins to the highest bidder. Proceeds will go to the Feed Lara Flynn Boyle Foundation.

We'll start the bidding at one pint of Cherry Garcia...