Friday, May 27, 2005

What the hell is a blog anyway?

BUNKY: "Baja, what are you doing with the Draino? I said I need to work on my BLOG. And Bunny, put away the ridiculous wooden shoes!"

BUNKY: "Jeff, what's with the sweatpants?"
JEFF: "Well,I thought you said we were going for a jog..."

BAJA: "Bunny, what is she talking about, the air is perfectly clear-- there's no fog at all!"

BUNNY: "Baja, what the hell are you drinking?"
BAJA: "Bunky said something about grog. Do you think an Amber Bock is close enough? I put some dirt in it, just for effect..."

JEFF: "Bunny, what are all the suitcases for?"
BUNNY: "Bunky said we were going to Prague!"


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