Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm back.....!

It's been a while, hasn't it Mon Cheri?
I am feeling a bit like myself again. You shall be hearing from me more often!

"Your mind is like a pond into which someone has just dropped a boulder!"
-Dan Millman

"Things Change, Kundun!"

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cat Scratch Fever...

Itz the Baja. I half to tipe this myself becuz Bunny cant bee in the same room with me--he saiz I smell very bad. I also spell very bad.

I hav returnd frum trying to find Conektikut. I got off som bus in Jerzee, I think, to find myself surounded by cats. They apparentlee dont like me very much. Bunny said it waz the ded rodent. I think they wer just very meen! And maybee hungree.

Anyway, I hav many band aidz on now, and I look like a big ball of tape.
When I recovur frum beeing very hurt, I will fed ex myself to Ertha Kit. I kno if she met me she culd not reesist my tiny beedy eyes. They are mezmerizing, dont you think? Look at them, just wonse! You will be mezmerized!

Hav a nice day of labor, and dont eet too much meet. I will be puting on green cloverz and carving tinee harts into pumkinz, or watever you do on this holladay. I get them cunfuzed.

Master of the Marimba

Hello! I'm back, for one day, anyway! I have been in Savannah, GA, handling the aftermath of saga involving embezzlement, old money, a fugitive, a possible gay/straight love triangle, and other strange events, that would make a great sequel to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil! A few more days of this, I'm told, and I should be back in town for good...or is it for evil...?

Tomorrow, I will be graced by a visit from an old friend. This young man attended grade school and high school with me, and was a fellow band geek. He, unlike myself, grew up to be a master of his instrument, and is now a touring musician, with his own group, the Kevin Lucas Orchestra, formerly the Dead Musicians' Society. I was able to see him perform at UCF on Monday, and was thoroughly impressed with his compositions and his mad technique!! His music is kind of a new-age jazz, or classically influenced rock, maybe...? It's really good stuff. He calls it "Rock with a Marimba," and it's uniqueness may be considered akin to Mohave's "Dulcimer Rock."

It would be great to set up a gig together someday!!

Check him out at

And by the way -- come see us play in the middle of the afternoon, and for free, at Leu Gardens in Orlando/Winter Park, at 3:00pm Sunday Sept 11th. It's a great way for you Soccer Parents, underage folks, and early risers to see us -- and it's free!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Bee-line for a Feline

Our tiny stuffed rabbit, G.D. Baja, has just left the building. After watching CBS Sunday Morning and finding out that Eartha Kitt is still going strong and on the prowl, and single, he has decided to make his way to her home in Connecticut to "woo" her and to take her for his own. Unsure how to find Connecticut, he has taken a map of clues, which, regrettably, were cut from the back of a box of Lucky Charms. Not certain what gifts would be suitable for a woman of her feline stature, he left with a locket full of catnip and a dead mouse slung over his shoulder. Somehow, Baja always gets his girl.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Love you, Doc!

Doc Elmo,
You're a genius, a jester, a muse, a wise soul and a dear, dear heart to me. I've been writing some of the greatest shit of my life, thanks to you. Wait until you hear it! You're sure to agree - it's, uh, shit! =)
No, really - miss you man! And look out - 'cause I'm coming up there, and bringing large, happy women with bottles of Crown Royal and containers full of roasted duck!
What more could a man ask for?
Peace and healing,

Jazz fingers!

What a fantastic group of evenings! Thursday after practice I went to Slingapours and saw some great locals I hadn't seen before, called Big Meat. Great musicians, great bunch of guys. Had kind of a unique sound for the jam band scene, with a little ska influence. So check them out! Then Geoff from The S.E.A.D sat in with The Burnin' Smyrnans. That sounded great! I divided my time between that and Ron Betts of Funkus, who was playing half a block down the street.
Then, not one, but two nights of The Code Talkers, featuring Jimmy Herring, who if you are not familiar with the name, spent a lot of time with The Allman Brothers, and the Dead. Between him and Bobby Lee Rodgers, fingers were moving so fast I thought someone was bound to combust.
On a sad note, Bluegrass has lost a legend. Vassar Clemens died this week. It was sad seeing that the head of Bobby's funky Deering, which used to have Vassar's autograph on it, had been changed out. We were there the day Vassar signed it. I'm sure he hung it somewhere. The last time I saw Vassar, he was jamming with them and Jimmy -- ironic.

Another sad note -- D flat.

No really, Snake Oil Medicine Show, one of our favorites for originality, has ousted our favorite member, Caroline Pond, and is changing their format a bit. But the good news is she will be joining Bobby Lee Rodgers for a project coming up. She is so fun, with mad fiddle skills and a voice and demeanor straight out of a burlesque club in the 1920's. She and Bobby ought to be great!

CX1 is coming to Skippers next weekend -- This is a group made up of the Pond brothers from Snake Oil, Jay Sanders from Acoustic Syndicate, and Billy Seawell. We may go! (But we'll still miss Caroline.)

So a week full of music gives way to a week full of work in Miami. Hard to change gears to accounting, financial statements, new contracts, lines at the cash registers... I just keep hoping someday I won't have to. =) But for now, God Bless It!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

See The Code Talkers at The Social on Saturday!

One of my heroes, Bobby Lee Rodgers, is going to be in town with his crazy, funky-tuned hard-body electric Deering, and the legendary Jimmy Herring will be there, too. So come one, come all, to the Social Saturday Aug. 20th!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The S.E.A.D. is sprouting!

I've been Jam Banding for a really long time. It started with seeing bands like Phish, Blues Traveler, Bela Fleck and others like them in small clubs before they became the monsters they are. (Yeah, I'm old.)
Seeing The S.E.A.D. at the Hard Rock with us,(and loving it so much we followed them to Deland Saturday)I knew they were to be one of those bands. Sitting at The Blue Martini, I felt like I was seeing a little history, like Phish at the small culbs, like Galactic at small festivals, like Susan Tedeschi before she got the Grammy...I had that feeling that these guys are going to be huge, and soon, and without selling out.
Geoff Weeks, their lead man and keyboardist, has an absolutely unmatched skill on the keys, backed by what sounds like a long study of jazz fundamentals. He just pours himself completely into what he's doing, soulful and deliberate and fully tuned in to the music as it happens, which makes his skill come off even greater.

Mike Obrien (guitar), David Whittaker (bass), and Brian Groff (drums)worked together like one person, holding down the groove and instinctively enhancing each other's rhythms with a unity that is extremely rare. And BJ Callahan on the sax has the perfect knack for knowing just what seasonings to add to the stew. They have another guitar player, Dan Mowrey, who was out for the night, but had been at the Hard Rock, and is totally kickin' as well. And what a genuinely nice bunch of guys!

So the thing is, I've stood through lots of long String Cheese Incident shows, lots of Widespread Panic, and Galatic, and Medeski, Martin, and Wood, and as great as those musicians are, as stellar as their skills are, I'm bored by the 5th or 6th song, almost every time. I don't know what it is.
But Funkus, Leftover Salmon, The Code Talkers, David Schweitzer, I can stay with them all night and never want them to stop. The S.E.A.D. has that kind of energy -- a contagious "we live for this stuff" kind of vibe, that I'm just a sucker for. It's the kind of act that got me back into music, and it sure inspired me last night.

So see them -- see them now, while you can still get up close! They'll be a Slingaour's on Thursday and The Copper Rocket on Friday. (I might even skip Skippers (The Code Talkers) to see that show! Maybe I'll see you there!

I "heart" Snackdaddy!

Sorry - I couldn't figure out the heart symbol in this HTML thing.

Every time we get to play with our comrades in Central Florida's Sexiest Band, Snackdaddy, I get like a 7-year-old kid from, like, Dayton, on his way to Disney for the first time. There's something about playing on the same bill with those guys that makes the evening an extra special event. Part of it is because each one of them is an extraordinary human being, with extraordinary skills, talent, and creativity, and wonderful, inspiring personalities. And part of it is because I absolutely love their sound! I could dance all night and into the morning and maybe to next week to that stuff. It's hot music, it's sexy music, and it's even better when played in silky pajamas!
In the dressing rooms with Snackdaddy, we saw them emerge wearing shiny silk pajamas, each member in a set that matched his personality -- Dwight went for the Heff look, Gary for a dark, mysterious Asian-styled black, Howard in more of a GQ look, and Ed in a dragon-embroidered black and red ensemble. They looked so amazing on stage, as they always do (they're a great looking group). And then a scantily clad runway model came parading onto the stage in a wicked angel costume, but was eventually kicked off, as someone who seems to have never watched the television shows their kids are watching deemed it inappropriate for an all-ages show, even though most "ages" were somewhere between 24 and 55...

Then, a surprise I will never forget -- they played a cover of my personal favorite Mohave tune, "Black Indian," and they did it with their own unique Snackdaddy twist.
That was the coolest thing ever, what a great thing to do! And they rock --- hard--at the Hard Rock!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Come to the Hard Rock Friday!!

Come on out to the Hard Rock Live Friday 8-12 at Universal City Walk in Orlando and see Mohave, Snackdaddy, the Goldminers, and S.E.A.D. -- all free with a ticket that you can get from us! Tickets are available free from any band member or band member spouse from any of the above bands, as well as most local music stores(thanks to J.D!) and at DeVry University's bookstore (the store I run). So contact us, we'll get you the tickets, show up, have a great time! I'll drive you home if you need it.

I absolutely love playing with our friends from Snackdaddy -- I'm a huge fan of their sound and style. So you gotta see them.

We all have some suprises in store for you, as'll have to be there to see...

See you there!!